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      Partnership Benefits.
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      A partnership with Cape School ensures that your people obtain the best education at the lowest price.

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      Fast Credit Reporting.

      We understand the importance of getting your credits processed fast. In some cases, Cape can have your credits reported as quickly as the following business day.

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      Flexible Course Formats.

      Staying modern means courses that fit your lifestyle. We can accommodate any schedule with live classrooms, webinars, online courses, or textbook studies.

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      Quality Customer Service.

      We have staff across the country ready to assist with your questions, feedback or anything else. Cape is dedicated to a great customer experience.

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      Printable Certificates.

      Cape provides online 24/7 access to your course history. After taking a course, you may print your certificate at any time and never be without proof of completion.

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      Same-day Shipping.

      When you order printed materials or textbooks from Cape all purchases made before 2:00 PM EST will receive same-day shipping.

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      Satisfaction Guarantee.

      Cape stands by its courses and instructors, but we’re always looking to improve. If you have a problem, please contact us.